Friday, 12 July 2013


My next Project: students are going to collaborate to create a wiki 

Objective: support student-generated content through peer review and teamwork.

A wiki can be used:

1. As a digital portfolio of student-created videos.

2. As a place for students to share notes on each unit of study in your courses.

3. As a multimedia reference site for  students.

4. As an alternative to textbooks; students create reference pages for units of study in their course. They become responsible to each other for creating accurate and meaningful content that they can refer to when it comes time for assessment. 

5. As a place to track, document, and manage their projects. A wiki is a place where students can make weekly updates about what they have done to complete their projects.

Source and Useful links:

how to set up a wiki:

guides on the use of wikis in education: