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Why the iPad is such a hit in Education

by Aaron Webb

The iPad is extremely easy to use for all ages, from 3 years old to teachers on the edge of retirement and technophobes
It is every tool a teacher and child needs in one place
It allows children to focus on content and learning instead of the technology
Children are both familiar and comfortable with mobile devices; it’s how they interact every day outside of the classroom and how parents model the use of technology to them at an early age
The iPad’s is extremely intuitive and with it’s responsive multi-touch screen it allows full interaction, making content more engaging and learning much more enjoyable
Allows integration with educational specific hardware and software
Small and lightweight with a long battery life, enabling children to learn and study anytime and anywhere
The iPad is thin, lightweight and portable, it’s better for carrying heavy books that can cause back problems
The iPad has Wi-Fi built in, making it easy to access the Internet without having to wait to boot up and log in saving valuable teaching and learning time
It’s easy to personalise the iPad to suit each student’s learning style and need
The iPad and iTunes U (the world’s largest repository of free educational content) opens up a world of information allowing pupils to explore any subject they choose
The iPad makes it easy to share information between teachers and students, connecting to interactive whiteboards and display screens such as an LED, LCD or Plasma screen
Just like computers, the iPad can connect to printers and specialised lab tools
The iPad’s iBooks and iBookstore app allows students to access hundreds of course books, storing them easily, and enjoying them in a new, engaging way
There are over 500,000 apps for the iPad with thousands of those developed solely for education
Apple’s Keynote, Pages, Numbers, iMovie and GarageBand enables children to present their work professionally and creatively using the iPad
Built-in accessibility features allows children with special learning needs to experience enhanced learning journeys
Innovative apps like Puppet Pals HD, iMind Maps and Book Creator give the children an alternative channel to how they communicate and learn
Teachers and parents can manage and restrict the content accessed by children for e safety and peace of mind
Instant access and productivity – quickly display books, email, notes, timetables, and work in seconds for increased productivity

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